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Friends Day Out


Friends Day Out features Java Music Club, which offers hands-on fun learning for persons living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia or care recipients with a variety of other disabilities such as Cancer, COPD, Parkinson’s or Diabetes.   Java Music Club uses a unique combination of themes, photography, music, readings, and a traditional talking stick. Additionally, Friends Day Out offers the primary caregiver support, respite care, referrals, independent living services, and a much-needed weekly break.



Trained volunteers host the event, facilitate the classes, assist with supervision, and provide the primary caregivers with a regular break.  The focus is on peer support – people helping people; which adds purpose and meaning to their lives.

Caregivers and their loved ones arrive for registration and lunch or snacks.  Participants will be greeted by an RSVP Volunteer Respite Worker.  Each family may bring a lunch or participate in the Senior Center meal service.  Classes will run from 2-4 hours depending on the group’s interest.     

We kindly request that all participants complete an RSVP client application before participation in the program.

“What I’ve seen in Java Music is that people who haven’t communicated much are coming out of their shell.  They’re more willing to communicate with their heart. This whole program can really touch people and help them heal.”  

– Cheryl Poll, RSVP Volunteer and Java Music Program Facilitator, Elko

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