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Respite Care


The Respite Care Program gives regular breaks to exhausted and stressed caregivers.  Volunteer Respite Workers provide breaks 2 to 4 hours or more per week. 




The primary program goal is to provide quality respite care provided by volunteers to care recipients and primary caregivers with family members suffering from various disorders. This vital assistance is key in lowering the stress levels of caregivers, giving them regular breaks to allow for a more normal and healthier lifestyle. Respite Care and Caregiver Support helps prevent the institutionalization of care recipients and the caregiver providers, who often succumb to the overwhelming stress of caregiving.

Training and caregiver support is provided.  Care recipients are assisted to achieve their highest level of independence.

“I care for my 91-year-old mom who has Alzheimer’s.  The RSVP program has changed our ability to complete our simplest tasks.  The RSVP drivers are kind, patient, understanding, and totally professional.  They treat Mom with tremendous respect and dignity.” 

–  RSVP Respite volunteers

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