Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Updated: Jan 7

April 27, 2018

Pahrump rider thankful for RSVP volunteers

Thank you for the article about RSVP on March 18, 2018. They are the “unsung heroes” of our community. I cannot find adequate, or enough praise for this most valuable organization.

For the better part of seven years they have transported me safely and lovingly to whatever errand needed: grocery shopping, medical appointments, veterinarian, hair salon, even to Las Vegas for eye surgery.

Without RSVP, I’d have been up the proverbial “creek without a paddle”. Ten –plus years ago my husband ascended, and since I was no longer driving due to the vision, the car went to the daughter. Now that really produced a challenge as we didn’t have the new bus service (but that doesn’t solve all the needs).

So please, riders/clients of RSVP, please donate some amount (they don’t suggest any amount) to help keep RSVP thriving and driving here in Pahrump. They are good drivers too.

Many thanks and hugs to volunteers, especially J.M. and S.C.

A grateful rider,

Gera Milner

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